Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Writing Buddy Wednesday - Anna Hackett

Anna Hackett is a Nocturne Bites author, so she writes hot, steamy paranormal romances. She's had wolves, vampires, vampire hunters, dragons, assassins, and keepers of the winds in her stories. These are all novellas and she manages to write such intense, passionate, and fast moving stories in a shorter form. She's fantastic at it, and I can say she is one writing buddy that I've just managed to read all their work. Yay!

I met Anna online via visiting her blog. New to RWAus, I followed her blog and got to chatting by leaving comments. I met her in Brisbane in 2009, and I can say she's just as lovely in person.

Anna's doing a new project now - mum - and she's been travelling with her family (brave woman). I'm sure as life settles, there will be more Nocturne novellas for her. But they will be Cravings not Bites as they have changed the line.

One Night With the Wolf is Anna's latest release. Here's the excerpt:

"I need a man. Just for one night."

Werewolf Jade Thorne needs a man—a young, virile man to give her love and pleasure. As a rare female alpha, she must keep her pack safe by pledging herself in marriage to an aging leader from a rival pack. Until then, she wants to experience the raging passion of a wolf in his prime. She even has an ideal lover at hand: her Second, Christian Tallant.

But Christian is a wolf who will demand to dominate her body, mind and soul. Now Jade must decide if she can afford to submit to his desire—and if one night with the wolf will really be enough....
You can visit Anna at her website, and her blog, Midnight Confessions. She also blogs with the LoveCats DownUnder.

Now for some cover love...


You can get Anna's books online at Harlequin ebooks - as well as the UK and Australian sites. Whichever is your region.


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