Monday, 7 November 2011

Special Guest: Shona Husk

Today, I have Shona Husk as special guest on my blog. A fellow DarkSider, Shona has done an amazing job in publishing via various publishers in novels and novellas alike. Take it away, Shona...

Switching POV

Most of my stories have been written in third person, aside from a couple of short stories. I’d never considered writing a whole novel in first person. One POV for 60,000 plus words?

But that means either the hero or the heroine will miss out, and I want both sides. And while I’ve read a couple of books where one character was in 1st and the other in 3rd it never quiet worked for me. I’ve also read one where both hero and heroine were in first—that worked but each change in POV was noted with the character’s name at the start of the scene.

So I was very surprised when I started writing Dark Vow and I realised after a couple of paragraphs that it in first person in the heroine’s POV. I was surprised because I plot, so I knew where my story was going, I had arcs for both characters…and yet it looked like my hero was going to miss out.

I stopped writing and considered switching to third, after all there is a very big difference between a short story and a novel and I wasn’t sure I could do the whole story from one POV. Then it became a challenge. I’d see how far I could get.

Once I’d given myself permission to just write it flowed. Dark Vow was, and still is, the easiest story I have ever written.

There is something about getting into the skin of one character, you only know what they know, there is nothing hidden in other POV and there is never any doubt about which POV to be in. And while I never got to be in the hero’s head I think I put enough of him on the page in action and dialogue, which was also fun, as it meant I could keep what he knew about the Arcane Union secret until he was ready to tell Jaines…and that also meant the reader didn’t find out.

There’s the saying change is as a good as a holiday. For me writing something in a totally different style was refreshing, and while not every story would work in first person it is something I will do again.

Have you challenged yourself as a writer to try something different?

Thanks, Shona!

Her upcoming release, Dark Vow, will be available on 14 November from Carina Press
You can pre-order now.

However, I will be giving away a copy of this ebook away to one lucky commenter.

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