Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Writing Buddy Wednesday - Topaz trio

Fiona Gregory is my critique partner of a few years now. A warm, down-to-earth person, she has a wicked sense of humour, and is a huge dog lover.

I've been so thankful for her support and friendship. She gives great feedback, which always makes my stories flow better. She is a Bootcamper, a DarkSider, and is the conference co-ordinator for the Diamonds Are Forever conference in 2012. She's a great one to have on your side.

Fi writes futuristic stories, but also has written some contemporary romance ones such as her story Seize the Man which is in the Topaz Anthology. She's also had her work published in the Little Gems Anthologies - Turquoise 2009.

Maggie Mundy is a SARA gal and DarkSider. She writes paranormal fiction and fantasy. I've been lucky enough to read some bits of her work, and the woman is going to go places. Bubbly, full of mischief and fun, Maggie is a great person to have around. You should see her dress up for RWAus' cocktail parties - the last two costumes being Serena from Underworld and Charlie Chaplin.

She is also giving me some great feedback on my fantasy novel.

Her story Sea and Vines in the Topaz Anthology is a contemporary romance, and it was her first publication.

Bronwyn with her idol, Anna Campbell
Bronwyn Stuart is a SARA gal and works on Team Hearts Talk. She writes historical  romances, and has dabbled in writing some contemporary stories. too. She's a hoot, but also let's you know how it is.  Bron is Bron, and I can't imagine her being any other way.

We have been very proud at SARA and she has been finalling in competition circuit this year.

Her story, Million Dollar Dreams, in the Topaz Anthology  is a contemporary romance, and was her first publication.

Please visit Bronwyn at her website.

Keep an eye out for these names.
Ladies, I'm looking forward to reading more from you all.


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