Friday, 21 October 2011

Remember to think Pink!

I was reminded today during my run-around day to think pink. I saw two Italian ladies selling Pink Ribbon Day stuff at my local shopping centre. Of course I headed straight for them. A pen and a cookie cutter set later I was on my way.

For a moment I counted my blessings that my parents are still here (both having gone through different types of cancers), and that three of my friends have gone through breast cancer in the last four years. They are Pink Ladies. Alison has been on my blog. If you missed her story, you can find it here.

I like to help in some small way. You see I'm a charity sl..., um, giver. Unfortunately the calls from charites still come when my income has been greatly reduced due to the CFS saga and not being able to have the full time job I used to. Always disappointing for me.

But there is a way you can support charities for free. There are couple of Click websites that if you click the button it goes toward getting mammograms for women who can't afford them. Not every country is lucky like in Australia where Medicare subsidises. So please if you can, go click.

They work because there are sponsors who are on the site, who provide the money for each click.

Here is The Breast Cancer Site and Breast

Of course if you want to buy merchandise, there are a number of Aussie charities you can get it from. These places also accepts online donations. So if you are looking for a present, why not think pink?

Pink Ribbon Day (Cancer Council)
Pink Ribbon Shop National Breast Cancer Foundation
McGrath Foundation
Breast Cancer Network Australia


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