Monday, 31 October 2011

Happy Halloween!!'s the Halloween blog post. Are you quivering in your shoes?  What do you mean the picture doesn't instill fear? It's cute, you say. Well, I never. It's a ghosts. Ghosts are scary. Yes Casper was cute. All right, this ghost is cute.

Do you want something scary?

Get ready for some monster action.

Here it comes.....


What? Still not scary? But I count six monsters. Boy, you are a tough crowd.

Okay another one....

How about a puppy being eaten alive? Scary, right.

Shaking yet?

Not scary? I really am scratching my head here. I mean the puppy is being eaten by a pumpkin. It's horrible.

It's cute? You guys sure have a weird sense of horror.


That's scary? You think?

Hmmm....I suppose you're right *very big grin*

Now that I have your attention, I'll like to direct you over to the Dark Side DownUnder blog for the Halloween Birthday Bash. There's prizes to be won. Just leave a comment.

Have a wickedly fun Halloween!!!


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