Saturday, 10 September 2011

Stunning Saturday

More photos. This time from my Melbourne trip in 2010. This was during the time I went to WorldCon and I had a couple of extra days doing the sightseeing thing. Such a really amazing, vibrant city.

Yarra River Cruise

Southgate from the ferry

Polly Woodside, South Warf

Melbourne Aquarium shots. 

Loved the majesty of the stingray -
though I wouldn't want to be near the tail.

Amazing animal

Feeding frenzy

Loved the red of this coral

Emperor penguins are aptly named...they are so regal in attitude!

Melbourne at night
Her Majesty's Theatre where we saw Mary Poppins

Federation Square

Flinders Street

 Definitely a city I could visit again and again. That's right Melbournians, this Adelaide girl loved your city.


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