Thursday, 29 September 2011

Having a bad day?

I'm just having one of those very  low energy days, where all I want to do is curl up in bed with a book until my eyes droop, which will be in about 10 seconds flat in this case.

But I have been busy. I've been doing design work and that's been exciting and challenging, I'm getting ready to start HD again (you know that book that doesn't end), I've been having meetings, doing my volunteer RWAus stuff, and I've been writing!!! It seems the muse goes into her cave until about midnight. I should have know she was backwards. But it makes sense, I'm a night owl. I can do my best work at night. I think there is less sensory input - not as much noise nor light - and it seems to to suit me. Well of this morning, because as you can guess, my routine changes constantly.

I've been trying to get into a routine for exercise, but nothing's working yet. Tai Chi happens once a week but I've been trying to do more. But I feel like I'm dragging myself though thick soup. I know what to do, it's just doing it, especially on days like today where everything aches and my eyes can't stay open long.

So hope your day is going well and not a bad one, but if it is, remember the photo above.

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