Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Writing Buddy Wednesday - Rachel Bailey

Rachel Bailey is a USA Today bestselling author and now Ms Prez of Romance Writers of Australia. She is one of the sweetest, most supportive people I know, and is constantly looking out for others. As such, she has volunteered for RWAus in all sorts of roles. You can't keep a good woman like Rachel down.

I've known Rachel since we did the inaugral Claytons conference together, which now seems like a lifetime ago, and got to know her better at Bootcamp (she was the organiser) and her time as Hearts Talk editor.

Rachel writes for Harlequin Desire (formerly Silhouette Desire). Her stories are sensual and have a lot of emotion, and I love seeing the Rachel sense of humour make some appearance as well.

Her current release is Million-Dollar Amnesia Scandal.

 Truth, Lies and Seduction...
An accident left April Fairchild with no memory, ownership of a multimilliondollar hotel and the nagging sense something wasn't quite right in her life. It also brought her intensely sexy businessman Seth Kentrell, whose late brother had left her the property. Seth believed her a gold digger - and how could April deny it, when she couldn't even remember her name? Now Seth was ready to play hardball to get the hotel back.
But April knew enough to refuse to sign over the property until her memory returned. And if that meant Seth needed to persuade her... well, that was something she could enjoy! At least until the whole truth came out...

You can find out more about Rachel at her website, and find her with the rest of the LoveCats over at the LoveCats DownUnder blog, as well as the Desire authors blog.

Upcoming release - Oct 11 (US), Nov (Aus/NZ)

Here's Rachel's backlist....


I hope this entices you to pick up one of Rachel's books.


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