Monday, 29 August 2011


Well, August is coming to a close, and so here's a little update of what's been happening on the writing front:

  • Claytons Conference. Yep. Big time spent on that.
  • GTH novella final polish and working on submission info (you know query letter and synopsis)
  • Submitting short stories
  • I started working on a superhero story by longhand. I've realised that I want to change the direction it's going but it really got my brain flowing again on a different type of story.
Also continuing RWAus roles. Did I tell you I'm next conference's committee? The theme is Diamonds are Forever and the conference will be on the Gold Coast. I haven't been to the GC since 2003 and so hoping to go.

Now for a little interesting picture....

I saw this a few weeks back and thought how clever it was. You know, it looks pretty too!

You can find the original photo here.


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