Saturday, 6 August 2011

Stunning Saturday

I just chose the first eight pictures from my file.

I love the different colours conveying the different styles of work of these first two. Funnily enough I believe I recently saw the stock photo of the one on the left not too long ago.

The rest are all urban fantasy looking covers. I liked the next two because they were unusual.

I really like the heroine's clothes in Blood Law. She looks like she would be comfortable kicking butt and not having her pants kill off her circulation. I love the green tinge in Green Eyed Envy.

I think the black and white look in the background, with the character in colour is very striking. 

Again the little colour on Arcadia Awakens is striking, and I love the natural colours in The First Time. Nice dress too. 



Mel Teshco said...

Eleni some beautiful covers there, I especially like Nightshade and Damage for their originality =)

Eleni Konstantine said...

Yes, original but also look good at the same time. :)

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