Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Claytons Wrap Up

Well the Claytons was a couple of weekends ago. In one way it seems so long ago, and in another, I can't believe it's over. For us on the conference team - Mel Teshco, Anne Whitfield and Neely Lyon - it was months of preparation. And I think that preparation paid off.

The Claytoneers seemed to enjoy the 3 full on days.

We had:

  • writing challenges (super heroines, ludicrous plots, short stories, synopsis)
  • special editor guests (Sasha Knight from Samhain, and Meghan Conrad from Ellora's Cave)
  • Workshops from wonderful authors (Diane Gaston, Sami Lee, Tracey O'Hara, Erica Hayes, Anna Hackett, and Natalie Anderson, oh and I gave a blogging workshop)
  • Guest author Q&As (Michelle Diener & Darlene Gardner), 
  • Fun and games   (Scavenger Hunt, Bookmark Contest, Caption contest, Trivia Quiz, Best sidekick prize)
  • Chats & parties - (Friday Night Costume Party, Saturday Awards Night, Sunday Chat - for those still going).
  • My starry theme: a Wicked wannabe! 
  • and close to 2100 emails to the loop. 

Boy, oh, boy what a weekend.

I think our participants took away enthusiasm for writing and that's the best thing you can hope for at a writing conference. 

Thanks Claytoneers for making it so much fun!


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