Saturday, 2 July 2011

Stunning Saturday

More book covers this week....

I don't think I have featured any category images before. This on imparticurlar is striking. Alas these is not the cover we see here downunder. A great fun cover for my friend, Nikki Logan.

I'm loving these steampunky covers. And not because of the good looking guys on the cover. It seems to suit the genre, with the browns/oranges. 

Urban Fantasy covers - they are simple but really striking. 

I just love these two - nice balance of colours, subject matter, and the fantasy feel.

I really love the black and white treatment of Cleopatra. It makes the cover more effective.
The mermaid colouring is good (especially the hair), as is the nice swirls near the lettering.

Love how these work. There isn't much colour to them, but it works so well. 
The red, black, greys, and yellow work so well in both of these, in different ways.

Gotta love the tatts. This is such a classic image now with paranormal romance and even historical romance - the man with the naked torso, with or without tattoos. 
Love the eye of Griffin. It just seems to look right into you.

I saw the White Trash Zombie one ages ago. I think it's clever - the title, the concept, and the cover. What makes it work I think is the grossness of the blood is juxtaposed with the girly pink.
As for the graphic novel cover - I think this is quite cool - the simplicity of only having the character against the black background, just works. 


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