Thursday, 14 July 2011

Harpies and writing update

I'm talking harpies today over at the Dark Side DownUnder blog.

This was an interesting topic to research. I knew some but it's amazing how much more there is behind the myths, and the changes too. I have to consider what the next mythical creature will be on the next free Magic Thursday. 

I had a really productive week last week - managed to get my goal of 2.5K words. This week hasn't been productive in the writing, but I have been catching up (very slowly) on other projects. The tiredness is still there, and I'm adjusting to it slowly.

I've submitted short stories, and in some cases, resubmitted to another market. That has kept me busy.

Claytons planning is taking its time - I'm Games Master (hee hee) and organising with my sidekick, Mel Teshco,  the fun and games which is turning out really well, so I think. We shall see on the actual weekend. I am also running two of the writing challenges, and will be doing a blogging workshop. So there's still more work to go through.

The SARA girls had a special meeting last night, with special guest speaker, David Griggs. David gave a talk on presenting oneself, which will come in handy in pitching and presentations. A great evening.

Also coming up on my blog on Saturday is Special Guest Nicole Murphy, author of the Dream of the Asarlai series. Yay.

So busy, busy, busy.

How have you all been?



MsHavvaMurat said...

Hi Eleni,

I've just submitted a short story with Harpies in it too! I got excited when I saw this post. Hope all is going well for you : )

Eleni Konstantine said...

Hi Havva *waving*. Long time, no see. What a coincidence about the Harpies in your short story. Great minds think alike :))

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