Saturday, 11 June 2011

Stunning Saturday

Sticking my head up from the editing cave. Here are some more book covers this week. Again, I enjoy them for different reasons.

I really love the layout of this, except it all was spoiled for me because of the writing. The E looks like a Greek S. Yes, I know they did the same in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, but it annoyed me in that too.

So I read it as Ths Godsss Tsst

See there are Ss in the title, so they could have used it where it should have gone, AND teach something about the Greek language. Oh, well. Just one of my peeves, but still I'm showcasing the cover. 

Yes, I TRY and be a silver-linings type girl. :))

So, my favourites - The Hidden Goddess, and Unearthly. Love the colour choices for both of these, and that we don't see the face of the heroine (or what I'm assuming is the heroine). 


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