Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Eeeek- is it that time already?

I can't believe it's the 21 of June. Where has this month gone?

I have had as usual a busy time - there is the other commitments, but I've also been editing more than writing. I've gone over Gateway again, and I need to go for another read through, before sending it my beta reader-she of the fantastic grammar skills :))

I have written almost 5K on L&D, but I haven't been able to concentrate on it. I've come up with a couple of plot points that need a bit of thinking on, before going on. That is the danger of being a mostly pantser. But it's getting there, I think.

I have also been busy looking at my short stories and submitting them to markets. So far no go for a few submissions. I've also reworked a flash fiction story, which I had written some time last year. That's with my CPs now. That was fun to write.

I'm also helping with the Claytons Conference set up. It's really looking good, and it's going to be three days of non-stop fun, writing, chatting, and learning.

I've had some time in writing rooms to get some more reading and writing done.

Oh, and I have to share this cover from fellow Darksider, Kylie Griffin's, upcoming debut book. I just love it. Stunning, isn't i.

Also, I had my SARA meeting last week, and that was great. And on Thursday, I went to fellow SARA member, Amy Matthews' debut book launch. I couldn't stop smiling - it was so wonderful to see such a wonderful turnout and get a copy of my own in my hot little hands. :)

Just love the cover. 

Amy is going to be on the 7.30 report (SA) on the ABC on Friday night.  She's our star.

And again, I'm proud of being a SARA member, with a fabulous prize being given for the charity auction at the Romance Writers of Australia conference. It's for a good cause - The Otis Foundation. Sorry, can't give you more details than that right now. But if you are going to Melbourne, take money for tickets!!! Thanks to Bronwyn Stuart for organising it this year.

Okay, back to work. 



Rachael Johns said...

You sound flat out Eleni! Good luck with all your subs. And what a gorgeous cover Kylie has :)

Kylie Griffin said...

Rachael, fancy finding you here - we must frequent the same blogs - LOL!!!

Eleni, you're such a gem posting the cover here - thank you! Hugs, many of them, at conference! :-)

Eleni Konstantine said...

Rach!, yes it's hectic. But you know all about that.
I just adore Kylie's cover.

Kylie, it's my pleasure to show your fantastic cover on my blog. Even better that it's for your debut. I'll have to take virtual hugs this year, but I'll hold you to it next conference :))

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