Monday, 14 February 2011

Today is....

Well you know what today is right?

That's right, it's my 3rd year blogiversary!!!!

What? That isn't what you were going to say?

Oh, yeah it's that Valentine's Day thingy. Well Happy Valentines.

Now on to more the important matter at hand.

Eleni's Taverna is THREE today!!!!!

Can you believe it? I look back and think where has the time gone, and at the same time, I think 'wow only 3 years, it feels like I've been blogging forever'!

Time is a funny thing like that.

You, my readers, have gone through my ups and downs, through my constant blogging and not so constant blogging, and are supportive of this writing journey I'm on.

So to celebrate and say thank you for your support, I will be giving one lucky commenter a copy of Shapechanger's Song: The Chronicles of the Cheysuli Omnibus Volume One by Jennifer Roberson!!!! This includes books 1 & 2 of The Chronicles of the Cheysuli!!

Why this book?

Well it was the series that made me seriously think about writing quest fantasy. It's been a long time since I've read it, but during my university years it helped kick start my creative brain again. I read the first one (borrowed from my beloved local library service), loved it and special ordered the whole series - which was a fair chunk of my budget at the time.

I loved the introduction to another world, the characters, the fact they could shape change, and that it was a saga - spanning generations. Since the omnibus is still available, I decided to pay homage to Ms Jennifer Roberson and offer it as a prize.

Here are the blurbs:

Book 1: Shape Changes
This is the first novel in a superb fantasy series about a race of warriors gifted with the ability to assume animal shapes at will. Once treasured allies to the King of Homana, they are now exiles. And Alix, daughter of an ill-fated union between Homana princess and Cheysuli warrior, must answer the call of magic in her blood, fulfilling an ancient prophecy.

Book 2: The Song of Homana
For five long years, the land of Homana had been struggling in the grasp of a usurper king-- its magical race, the Cheysuli, forced to flee or face extermination at the hands of their evil counterparts, the sorcerous Ihlini. Now it is time for Prince Carillon, Homana's rightful ruler, to claim his birthright. To do this, he would not only have to raise an army but answer the call of a prophecy he never chose to serve!

Original covers


So just leave comment below to be in the running!!

It is open WORLDWIDE - well, the only restriction being where the Book Depository delivers. Check here if you are unsure.

Comments are open until end 20th February!

So celebrate with me!!!


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