Thursday, 6 January 2011


I've decided that I will try this once a week if possible. Sometimes it isn't.

What, I hear you ask?

Well, just go somewhere to write, read, think, be inspired.  I tend to rush to get things done - appointments, errands, chores - everything seems to be on fast forward. Well for me anyway - others may not find it very fast.
MacBook in use, Iced Chocolate
fueling the brain cells

So last week after I met my friend Lisa who was visiting from OS, and before meeting my friend, Alison for our Christmas catch up, I had an hour or so to myself and sat in a coffee shop where I had lunch, read and wrote on my purdy MacBook. It was a very inspiring day, and helped me feel refreshed with my writing.

So this week, I did it again. I sat on a bench on the beach front and worked out my deadlines for my goals, and then read. There was a lovely breeze and I was going to type but it was too bright for the screen and uncomfortable on the bench, so I moved to a cafe.

I'm not sure I can do this next week, as I've got one of those weeks again.

Still it seems that recharging the brain cells by being somewhere else seems to give me some 'me' time and not rush. I'll keep you posted with how I go. Now here are some photos taken by my trusty phone.

View from the bench

Decafe latte with hazelnut flavouring - yum

view from inside the cafe

Other things....

Check out the slideshow I have put up of 2011 releases by DarkSiders on the Dark Side DownUnder blog. We will back from hiatus next week, so come along and hang out with us.

I've come across a website called Explain This Image and while I don't find everything funny or weird on there, nor really read the comments, there are some gems in my opinion. Most of them are 'What the-' or type photos. Can you hear Pauline Hanson saying 'Please Explain'.

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