Monday, 3 January 2011

Belated wishes

It's the 3rd of January already! Totally forgot to welcome the new year on this blog. Yesterday's blog post was scheduled and I thought I'd scheduled another one for the 1st.

Hmmmm....slight oversight.

So here it is - the New Year's post and of course I wish you all have a fantabulous 2011!!!

So my goals for 2011. I prefer goals and not resolutions. Goals is something you can work towards and take smaller steps toward. Or so it seems to me.
  • Edit – DreamTamer, Gateway to Hell, Clown story, sanctuary sci-fi story (for Aus anthology)
  • Write – Shadow novella, Lady & the Dragon, short story for MZB’s Sword & Sorcery anthology
  • Read resources on writing I have on my shelf.
  • Overhall website
  • Enter Little Gems Short Story
  • Enter Little Gems cover contest
  • Submit once stories are polished :) Hoping to sumbit one novel, two novellas and 6 short stories.
  • Overhaul my CFS blog
And of course I would like to find more balance with health and energy levels. The type of CFS isn't helpful to my weight, still I need a more concerted effort at my lifestyle needs to be looked at. As regular readers know, routine is hard for me as each week/day is different. Still I'm trying to add little routines to help with the day.

Still I am happy with the way my writing is going and the headway I had made in 2010, I hope that 2011 continues this.

So best wishes to you all and thank you for your support.


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