Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Waiting rooms

I have been spending a lot of time in these lately:

Yep, waiting rooms. It seems to be the season of appointments for the family. I have five of them this week (last week was 4, the week before 3). Yep, crazy I know.

I have been making use of the time though - either writing or editing with pen and paper, or reading.

So how is my writing?
I'm glad you asked *grin*. Very well, thank you. I'm almost finished the Shadow novella's skeleton draft. And I've started editing the Gateway novella. And I'm having fun with both. Hard work, but fun! :) It's nice to write in a different length and have a couple of different stories floating about.

I'm still working on my other projects but as you can tell with appointment central, I have slowed down somewhat.

I've also been steering the Dark Side DownUnder blog - and we have our wonderful authors posting. So come along and have a look.

Oh and I have for some reason been getting up early but having naps during the day. It's embarrassing when you need a nap when you visit somewhere, but thank goodness people understand me and my CFS. Okay, have to go now. Another waiting room awaits!

Take care.

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