Monday, 13 September 2010

Some piccies

Well I did post a couple of pics from the Melbourne Aquarium that I took with my iPhone, here is a few more - I have get to upload the photos from my digital camera. I'm in catch up mode but also have had breaks to get some rest in. The importance of 'filling your well' is always brought home to me by conferences and conventions. But here's a snippet of my time in the fair city of Melbourne.

View from the hotel room

Different weather -
it is Melbourne after all

Walking along Southbank

Another view of Southbank at night

Southbank during the day

Penguin enclosure at Melbourne Aquarium

The Emperor Penguins being posers as usual.
Quite funny really.

The equally funny Gento Penguins
- who build nests with the pebbles
and love swimming.
Feisty and cheeky. Sounds like my dog.

These are not the best shots in the world but they are great for memories.


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