Friday, 17 September 2010

GMC in reading

You writers know what I'm talking about when I say GMC right. But for those uninitiated it's Goals, Motivation, Conflict. Basically it's what a character wants, why they want it, and what stands in their way to get it.

Recently I realised that I had been my reading and people's opinions like this. So what have I been GMCing. I read a blog post by Urban Fantasy author and pal Erica Hayes on AussieCon 4 (aka WorldCon) and about how this con is different to our experiences in the romance writing community as people do say what they really think. In the comments section I said, yes but people don't back it up with why they don't like something.

I've been thinking about it for the last couple of days and I realise - why do we have to have a why? Why can't we like or not like something because it just wasn't our cup of tea without verbalising what that cup of tea is?

As a writer when I give feedback to another writer, I try to say the whys (what in my opinion works, doesn't work etc). But as a reader can't I just enjoy or dislike something? I think we can do this. It's like I love chocolate - I don't have to go into the whys of it. So I've become too analytical in one sense, and that's great for the writer in me but how about the fan in me?

An example, I enjoyed reading The Twilight Saga. Oh shock horror. It seems that it's cool to hate it, and people have their views which is their right. But why did I enjoy reading it? Firstly, I didn't know about the hype until after I'd read it, secondly I took it as a YA book, thirdly, I was swept away with story and the easy nature of the writing. Was it the best book I have ever read? - no, but it entertained me therefore it did it's job. So really it comes to not the why but how I came away from it - in this case I was entertained by the story.

I never used to consider the whys and was swept away from a work. So maybe I need to lose the writer hat when I read to enjoy. I can always go back to a work and analyse it for writing purposes.

See deep meaningful thoughts going on. Yes, my head does hurt, thanks for asking.

So do you think the whys are important when people say they don't like something?

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