Tuesday, 24 August 2010

And next week I'll be going again....

Yep, you read right. I thought I had mentioned this on the blog but apparently not -
I will be going to WorldCon or AussieCon 4 as it is called (as it's the 4th time held in Australia)!!!

I am really excited by this as I've never been to a Con before and this is one of the big ones. The program has just gone online and I intend to have a thorough look at it - 5 days of non-stop speculative fiction stuff!! How cool is that?

While there I hope to catch up with some of the Romance Writers of Australia Paranormal group members - Tracey O'Hara, Rowena Cory Daniells, Nicky Strickland, and Erica Hayes, and of course I'm looking forward to meeting many others. I've been out of step with the mainstream speculative fiction market so what a wonderful opportunity to delve back into it again. I'll be a sponge soaking up all the vibe from a corner. That might surprise some folks, but truly I can be quite shy. 

While in Melbourne, I'll also be going to see Mary Poppins and the Tim Burton exhibition. I've got a very full on few days, and so I think sleep will be my priority when I return.

What a month!!


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