Wednesday, 7 July 2010

June challenge & Sprinting

Well June is done and dusted. While I had aimed for 25K, I didn't get there but did reach 17,954 words of writing, and 16,652 words edited. So I am very pleased with this seeing as the beginning of June just wasn't working out. I did find a secret weapon in my arsenal become predominate in the last week of the challenge - sprinting.

What is sprinting?
It is when you go for a predetermined amount of time getting the most words down you can in that time. 15 minutes or 30 minutes, it doesn't matter. What matters is just getting the words done. Because of these sprints which I have continued this month, I have now finished my skeleton draft of DreamTamer.   Yeeha! 

Sprinting works because I have a start and end time and because on the whole I meet up with other writers in a chat room, we report in at the end of the sprint, and we can cheer each other on. It's fabulous. And works well with my CFS. So if I can sprint a few times a week, I will be a happy lassy. Sprints so far this week: 2 *grin*


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