Thursday, 3 June 2010

The iPad

Sick of hearing about this already? Well then don't read on.... *grin*

On the weekend, a friend and I checked out the iPad. Initially we couldn't get near it. But then a gap opened up and I swooped in. Now I'm not usually a swooper. I'm the type of person who lets others get in front of me and smiles. Not this time. Well there was on time restrictions for one, but I'd been waiting and sometimes being nice = being take advantage of.

So I saw the iPad & you know I'm already a Mac convert, so it was no surprise I would love it. It's a bigger version than the iPhone or iTouch, so already I was dealing with something semi-familiar. The touch screen is fantastic, the size just about right for travelling or carrying around, & the colours just gorgeous.

iBooks looks fantastic & would be great for the e-books I get - colour woohoo! I'm new to e-books and usually only buy things that are available in e-book format only e.g. Nocturne Bites. I'm a tactile person so I love holding a paper book. It is a rewarding experience, but I can see myself going more the e-book route especially with books that I enjoy but don't necessarily need on the keeper shelf - because let's face it my shelves are overflowing.

I suppose the thing about e-books is that you have to keep up with the technology. Otherwise will you be able to read them in 5 or 10 years? It's something I learned during my time as a librarian. Technology changes, format changes = expense. The printed book has been around for so long and the experience of going into a real life store is one I enjoy, so I don't think I will give that anytime soon - actually I don't think I will ever give it up.

And the other thing about e-books, you can't loan them out unless you loan out your whole device. Sorry but that isn't going to happen.

Back to the iPad.....
So while I fell in love with it, my friend thought it was nice but that's it. Hey, I get that. She like me, loves the experience holding a real book.

Having had my iPhone for a little while now, I can say I love touch screens where before I was dubious. Oh yeah, sometimes they can be a pain but on the whole I get along with my iPhone. So I think the iPad is something I would use. I have an iMac and instead of getting a MacBook, the iPad may the way to go. Of course more research needs to be done - ie. visiting the store again and again *grin*

However, there is the price and the two options... the one with wi-fi only; and the second one with wi-fi and 3G connectivity (which of course is more). Those costs have to be factored in and so while I would love to grab one, realistically it will be some time yet. I've got an EeePC and can take that when travelling for writing. I don't use it for emails etc, but then again I have my iPhone.

So do I really need the iPad? Not now. But it is on the wish list. *grin*

Update on June challenge: 866 for day 2. Hey do blog posts count? *wink*

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