Friday, 18 June 2010

Blog pages and website

Well I have spent a little bit of time (not long) on adding pages to my blog - go Blogger with the new functionality. I decided to move things from the website - The Agora page of my interests (books, movies & tv, Art, and Music) to this site. Actually in the case of Books, see my Library blog.

So The Agora is gone and is replaced with a My Blogs page  and I changed my photo gallery to a slideshow (they didn't have this when I set it up on Go Daddy).

So am happy with that for now.

Oh and speaking of blogs - I will be conducting a seminar on the 20th November at the SA Writers' Centre on blogging for beginners. The title of the workshop is Put Your Blogging Gloves On! So please come along if you are in Adelaide and interested in starting a blog.


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