Sunday, 30 May 2010

Transmission resuming

Yes, I have been away for a long time. I just haven't had the brain space to think of interesting blogs and a lot of energy was on Romancing the Novel, which was fantastic by the way. I will be writing an article on it for Hearts Talk.

But if you want to see some pictures, head over to Bronwyn Stuart's website. Thanks for the fab photos Bronwyn.

Anna Campbell & Yvonne Lindsay on types of romances.
Photo: Bronwyn Stuart

To recap it was a fantastic day. Anna Campbell and Yvonne Lindsay just worked so well together and were fabulous as a tag team, and in their individual sessions. Thank you ladies!! And of course to our wonderful local authors as well - Trish Morey, Anne Oliver, Elizabeth Rolls, Claire Baxter, Christina Carlisle, and Amy T Matthews.

It was wonderful to see new faces, including attendees from across the border in VIC and NSW. Waving! Hope to see you all at the next RTN!!

I mentioned some time back that I was working on some short stories and that has been fun. Was good to re-acquaint myself with the form and it was a nice break from novel length work. Though I will be getting into the swing of working on hopefully a couple of novels (Dream Tamer, and Lady & the Dragon) for the RWAus' 50ks in 30 Days. I'm aiming for 25K though. It will also be a busy month for me personally, so I have to be realistic. 2 more days to go! As always thanks to the fabulous Sandie Hudson for organising this again - you truly are amazing Sandie!!

I just have to set my timer so I get up and walk about- then again the achy back should remind me. *Rolls eyes*

Over the last few months as part of RWA's web team, I've been putting up blog posts with peeks at  Hearts Talk contents. Rachel Bailey as editor just keep on giving the goods it's just flourishing with a huge team of volunteers. Thanks Rachel! So check it out.

Oh and do you like the banners I've been doing?
Eg for May's issue:

These are also up on the Romance Writers of Australia Hearts Talk page (members only) and as sponsor banners. I quite enjoy doing them. Again gives another outlet for creativity (& urging the muse).

Don't forget to check out the Bootcampers 101 blog for Data Files and What We Are Reading of one member a month. Check out my CP's, Fiona Gregory, blog posts on all sorts of topics that are creative, food, fun and interesting ways to boost your creativity- Origami anyone? Of course Roseanne Smiles has her publicity mum hat on with her Mission Reports

OK, I'm hoping to be more on the ball again... :-) I can't believe how long it took to do this post!

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