Sunday, 21 March 2010

Dear Taverna

It has been over one week since my last visit.....

What has been happening?
Study - down to two assignments. Me counting down - what gave you that idea?

Romancing the Novel registrations have started to come in - woohoo!

Catching up with some family, including seeing Master 5 at his swimming lesson. He's doing fantastic and is loving it. And seeing Baby who felt comfortable enough to fall asleep on me - very cute. So small.

Online chat with the Bootcampers. Always fun.

Getting application together for a grant. Fingers crossed.

Fixing up Eleni's Library blog as my theme didn't have the lovely design anymore, so chose another. Though some widgets are gone. Will get to them eventually.

Purchased Bootcamper Rachel Bailey's second book, The Blackmailed Bride's Secret Child - woohoo. Took a couple of photos and so need to put them up on the Bootcamper blog.

Easter egg shopping. Hmmm.....chocolate.

And yesterday was a complete day off. I couldn't concentrate on anything other than watching TV and having a little doze. So glad went late morning to vote. 

And I continue the look at the Northern Lights, which is still going on North Terrace. Today's pictures are the front facade of the Institute building....

and look, there's that moon again. 
Following our trek down North Terrace.

Have a great week everyone....

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