Thursday, 7 January 2010

Ancient tales - well sort of....

Stephanie Draven had the following on her blog. So thanks to her for letting me know about an upcoming series - Spartacus - Blood & Sand. Of course since it's about gladiators, the clip has violence & blood, & bonking snippets.  

Still I can always recall the movie with Kirk Douglas & the 'I am Spartacus'...'No I  am Spartucus'...'You are mistaken, I am Spartacus' *wink*

And following is a clip for a new film coming out Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief. It's from a book of the same name by Rick Riordon (which I just finished today - had to get it back to the library). A very enjoyable children's book.

Still 'coming soon' is Clash of The Titans, which I am looking forward to. I blogged about the clip back in November.

So looks like the Ancient world & myths continued to be explored. Cool *grin*


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