Saturday, 5 December 2009

Unexpected twists and turns

Life does like to throw curve-balls doesn't it. I was going to start being more active again on the blog - other than my little snippets - but that may have to take a back seat. My dad is going to have a bypass on Wednesday. He's in hospital now and so there is the daily trips to visit, as well as trying to do the spring cleaning after the renovations. Would be nice if this house is in top shape for when he comes home and not have clutter around.

So while I might flitter in and out of the blog-o-sphere and twitterland, I'm not sure when things will get back to normal. Whatever that is!

Thanks to everyone's support at this time. 

As for writing - um, well the chorus isn't bugging me so much to get to their stories done. Sensible characters. They know when it's time to bother me and time not to. Now is not the time...

So be well all.....


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