Monday, 9 November 2009

Life after Eleni-fest

You know it is weird - I am so used to blogging about Eleni-fest - updates, upcoming special guests, special guests, announcing prizes - that now blogging about anything else seems very very strange.

And yes there is life after Eleni-fest (technically it's over but I'm still in the process of organising prizes to be sent out).

I did a little bit of studying but the last couple of days I have watched some DVDs - the BBC version of Sense & Sensiblity, and some episodes of season 1 of Bones

Oh and I watched the Scream Awards on SciFiTV. A pity the didn't show all the nominations and winners. What a freaky stage and the fans were dressed up in a horror/fantasy/sci-fi garb. Loved that the award is a spike (well it's sponsored by Spike TV).

It was great to see BSG get a nod for it's 5 years on our screens. And Stan Lee, The Man in comics, being honored. 

I finished reading Keri Arthur's Beneath A Rising Moon, so since she is my author of the moment, I will read the second Ripple Creek series before reading Riley 7. 

I met up with the Bootcampers (online) Saturday for BooticOnline tutorials. It's a great idea that we have a couple of these every week (40 mins each) in November. That way if one of us can't get to a weekend, we don't miss out on everything.

I spent Friday catching up with Master 5. Saw him at swimming and then spent the afternoon and evening catching up. He loves art and it's so cool to sit side by side while colouring in or drawing. It's so therapeutic. Oh and he put on me one of those Hot Wheels tattoos for kids. A Mustang, thank you very much. 

I got my EeePC to work again (yes forgetting your password = bad). So now I can do some typing if I feel like it in another room. Which I did in the wee hours of the morning - WORDS came out - 362 of them on a story. Typing on the EeePC is different and it's been since June since I last properly used it, so my fingers are hitting wrong keys and I have to cut my nails because it increases my inaccuracy. (Yeah, not like I am the most accurate typist but I'm not tooo bad - one great skill I learned at high school - touch typing).

So what do I have planned this week?
  • Well I have a massage today - you know the ones that hurt - yep those ones
  • I am going to Diana Gabaldon's Author Talk in the Adelaide Hills! (yay - Cross Stitch is one of my favourite books).
  • It's both my parent's birthday.
  • Study and finish off my MYOB module
  • Post off some Eleni-fest prizes
  • And finally get into some writing.....yay!

What am I concentrating on?
Well, when I blogged over at the fabulous Sandie Hudson's blog, the majority of commenters wanted me to work on DreamTamer, my paranormal romance. It's one that I have worked on in two Junes in a row, with not much in between having concentrated on Healer's Destiny so much.

So writing is that. I'm also just doing the final read through of Healer's Destiny. You know no glaring typos, errors that type of thing. This is a slow process for me so writing would be a good motivator. But I've decided to also work on the second draft of my novelette/novella, Gateway to Hell, another paranormal romance. 

And I want to start submitting to agents but may leave this for December.

So that's me right's just past midnight and I'm trying to decide if I should write, read or go get some sleep. Decisions, decisions :)


PS - Oh don't forget if you want to give feedback on my Eleni-fest activities you can do so on the blog on the right-hand side bar.

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