Friday, 6 November 2009

Eleni-fest: wrap up!

Yes Eleni-fest is over......

With 53 blog posts, 20 special guests, 6 blog visits, 124 commenters, 1036 comments, 15 updates, 37 prize winners, and topics ranging from grants to getting back to writing, it sure has been one hell of a month. 

I'm exhausted but exhilarated by it all.


I've met some new people via cyberspace, which is fantastic. I truly hope that this fest was fun for everyone.

So a big thank you to everyone involved - special guests, hostesses, commenters, readers, those who tweeted, email participants.... you all rock! 

Without you all Eleni-fest wouldn't have been much of a fest at all.

So what did I learn or get reaffirmed with this experience:
  • RWAus members rock!
  • Support from everyone was phenomenal!
  • Those who organise these type of events are mad or giddy or both. Seriously, I felt some days I was just laying down the tracks as the train just came over the horizon. So my hat off to anyone who does this for a long duration.
  • I love being a writer.
  • I love the blogging world & the fact that people from around the world joined in on the fun was fantastic (thanks).
  • Remember to plan, plan, plan....ahead of time, preferably *wink*
  • Know thyself...seriously, learn what you are capable of - set realistic goals and targets.
  • A joy learning about our authors more.
  • Don't do this again....or really this comes down to plan, plan, plan and Know Thyself. 
So it seems that Eleni-fest all worked out. Thanks for visiting and I hope you continue to read my posts, though I don't think I can top having those lovely guests on.

Oh I have a little poll that you can do on the side panel of my blog...and I'll probably put it up on my website too....or you can link to it below:

For a more in-depth survey, please go here.

Again, it was a pleasure hosting Eleni-fest and thanks to Arts SA for the opportunity to go to the conference & also to promote the project.

PS - well amazing what planning can do, I had this blog all organised and just had to put in the figures...see what I mean about planning, planing, planning ;))

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