Sunday, 1 November 2009

Eleni-fest: the end is here...sort of

The end is here or should I say near:

While I have no more guests and am not posting on any more blogs as part of Eleni-fest, comments are still open for the following:

Rachel Bailey - Claiming His Brought Bride - 2nd Nov
Denise Rossetti - a backlist title - 2nd Nov
Paula Roe - a backlist title - 3rd Nov
Loretta Brabant - mini-pack - 3rd Nov
Christina Phillips - choice of either Foretaste of Forever OR Touch of the Demon - 5th Nov
Sandie Hudson's blog where I have been trying to decide which story I should do next - stationery pack - 4th Nov

The finishing line is in sight. The flag ready to be whirled around. So please comment for your chance to win.

I will be announcing the winners of the website competitions soon.

And once all the prizes are chosen, I'll do a blog post on this celebration of Eleni-fest.

Thank you to everyone for making Eleni-fest a blast.

I'm a little pooped.....first a nap, actually more like a comatose sleep, and then going to go watch Being Human as a treat. Tomorrow I go grab Bones series 1 from the library! huzzah...

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