Friday, 9 October 2009

Eleni-fest: update

More special guests!!

I am pleased to announce to more guest in the Eleni-fest line up. Both HM&B Romance (Sweet) authors.

On the 16th, R*BY nominee for this year, the lovely Claire Baxter will be my special guest. She will be giving away a copy of The Best Love Stories of 2009

On the 19th, my special guest will be the ever thoughtful Barbara Hannay. She will be giving away a copy of her duet Baby Steps to Marriage coming out in October (Expecting Miracle Twins) and November (The Bridesmaid's Baby).

More banner clues

Now we come to the tricky ones. The parchment has been modified and used twice (but only counted as once for the purposes of this question), and while the one with the eye is not seen as is on the banner, the curtain has been used from it.....


(Total = 10)

Other News:
Remember to check your credit card details for unauthorised transactions. I spent a couple of hours sorting this out today - time taken away from Eleni-fest & family. But have piece of mind. 

I'm reading Tracey O'hara's Night's Cold Kiss and loving it. But only bite sized pieces so I can get posts to you on time!

I've reached 60 books on my Harlequin book challenge. This was done at the end of last month but have forgotten to mention it.

We are renovating the pantry in kitchen and so the house is topsy turvy. Speaking of which I better go and see to some housework now :)

I hope you are enjoying Eleni-fest at the moment. A reminder to those who read this via subscription or RSS feader - you have to come to the blog to make comments to be in the draw to win the giveaways. (Well other than the website ones and then you have to visit the website).

Happy Friday!!


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