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Eleni-fest: Erica Hayes on fantasy romance

Today we have my fellow RWA Paranormal member, the zany Erica Hayes on Eleni-fest. Erica's debut urban fantasy novel, Shadowfae was released this on the 13th of this month. Congratulations Erica! 

Welcome Erica to the Taverna and to Eleni-fest! 

Take it away....

Hi everyone, and thanks to Eleni for inviting me to Eleni-fest. I'm proud to be here!

My Shadowfae series is published as urban fantasy, but the books have strong romantic plotlines too. I wouldn't know how to write a story without at least a little romance! For me it's the most interesting part, seeing how characters grow and develop when faced with relationship issues on top of all the other things we throw at them.

And I think this is one reason why fantasy romances – in all their forms, be it science fiction, paranormal, urban fantasy, high fantasy – are so popular: the stakes for the characters can be so very high.

Using a fantasy or paranormal world as a backdrop means that 'saving the world' is often the problem the heroine has to face. Because in fantasy, if she's got paranormal powers or magic (or even if she doesn't) then it's likely the villains/antagonists do too – and the magical forces of evil won't be satisfied with anything less than world domination.

Alas, that kind of plot can seem a little silly when set in the 'real' world. It's much easier, and probably more believable, to have the fate of the world at stake when magical powers and paranormal creatures are involved – when heaven and hell are real, and damnation is as likely, and as attractive, as salvation.

But we writers aren't satisfied with that, no way. We want to torture our characters even more. "Saving the world? Pfft! You think you've got problems now. Wait until you get a load of THIS guy!" Throw in a forbidden but powerful and oh-so-devilishly-attractive hero, and the heroine is really under some serious pressure.

So we come to the second factor in the popularity of fantasy romances: the hero. Fantasy means latitude to create, and fantasy heroes can be the ultimate wish-fulfilment daydream. So powerful, so dangerous, so good in bed :) and no one can say it's not realistic, so long as the writer builds the world believably and consistently.

And that's why I love fantasy romance – because the possibilities are endless, and endlessly exciting.

So tell me: who's your favourite fantasy/sci-fi romance hero? Or heroine? Or pair? And what makes them so special for you? I adore Riley Jenson from Keri Arthur's Guardian series, because she's so tough and pragmatic. And I have to admit to a big girly crush on Quinn ;) Who's yours?

Thanks Erica for your joining in the festing fun! Erica has kindly offered a giveaway of a copy of her debut book, Shadowfae (must be over 18 to receive).

To enter, make a comment in answer to Erica's question above. Comments will be open until
the end of the 25th October. 

Comments for the giveaway have now closed. Congratulations Mel Teshco!

Good luck!
And thank you to Erica for her generosity.

Please visit Erica's website to check out her books.


p.s. Erica - I have a big girly crush on Quinn too - hee hee as well as Aragon (above).
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