Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Zombie movie - SPOILERS

My writing pal, Tracey O'hara had a post a little while back of her top 5 zombie movies. At the top spot she had the movie called Zombie Strippers, which I haven't heard of before. I saw the Youtube trailer and thought, yep, agreed with Tracey that it's "so wrong, it's right."

I finally got to watch it on Showtime tonight. Actually for me it's just sooo bad, it made me laugh. Full of all the cliches, overexagerated acting, and lots of gorey looking makeup, this one is for true D grade horror film fans. You know the ones that don't scare you as much as make you go ewww and laugh that are rated MA.

And it seemed to go on and on, and it's only a short film. I mean how many times can you watch a strip dance - well with Zombie Strippers, you guessed it, alot!! Oh and there was the 'virus experiments' angle, the 'military cleanup', the 'jealous co-workers', 'the innocent teen doing this for her Nana'.

Check out the trailer below...

You tube

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