Thursday, 24 September 2009

Round up

Check out the September videos for book trailers here. But vote for Tracey O'hara's Night's Cold Kiss!!! Honestly, hers is brilliant. Music, atmosphere, blurbs...just great.

Been preparing for Eleni-fest! Aha, that's right - it's all about me!! *grin* Seriously, those who follow me via email or rss feeds, for your chance to win some goodies, be prepared to make comments on the actual blog.

We love YA blog has a giveaway of the four Vampire Academy books out now. Check it out here.

Just watched Revolutionary Road with Kate Winslett and Leonardo DiCaprio - what an intense and powerful film. A those who only want action, this isn't for you. Though if you do like action with romance thrown in, watched Fool's Gold last night with Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey. Some really funny bits. What I needed. As was watching season 2 of 30 Rock last week - hilarious!!! And yes, even though I'm busy I've taken time out because 1) I need down time and 2) I need to return them back to the library. Nothing like due dates to get things done!

FreeRice is an interactive site where two things are accomplished - you extend your vocabulary and for every right answer you get, donations of 10 grains of rice are organised through the UN Food Program.

Oh and check out this really cool, Youtube on Steampunk duel! How cool! (source:

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