Saturday, 19 September 2009

Books by writing buddies.... Amanda Ashby

I've just finished reading 'Zombie Queen of Newbury High' by Amanda Ashby and absolutely loved it. A fun read with references to Buffy and Angel, how could this YA story go wrong. It's about a girl Mia who accidently turns her senior class into zombies and her quest to turn them back.

Thanks for the great read Amanda.

"Quiet, unpopular, non-cheerleading Mia is blissfully happy. Rob-super hot football god-has asked her to prom! Life couldn’t get any better. Enter Samantha -cheerleader queen and Miss Popularity-who has made it quite clear that Rob should be her prom date. Mia is desperate to make sure she doesn’t end up dumped in front of the whole school. So with prom in just a few days, she turns to Candice-her holistic, hypochondriac best friend-and decides to try a love spell to make Rob stay with her. Unfortunately, she ends up inflicting a zombie virus on her whole class instead, and she is their zombie leader! At first she loves all the attention. But when she learns from zombie hunter hottie Chase that her classmates will actually try to eat her in a few days, she’s not too thrilled. She’s sure she and Chase can figure something out, but in the meantime, she’s suggesting that no one wear white to prom, because things could get verymessy." from Amanda's website.

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