Thursday, 20 August 2009

Back from conference

Well the RWAus 2009 conference was a blast. Fantastic to catch up with so many people I know from online, including the Bootcampers. It was non- stop since the moment I met up with them at the airport to when I got home.

So many highlights:
  • meeting online buddies
  • attending Cocktail party & Awards dinner
  • getting requests for partials (yeeha!)
  • SARA member Trish Morey winning the Short - Sexy R*BY award & the Honourary Lifetime Membership award.... yay Trish
  • SARA member Tess LeSue for winning the STALI and the Anna Campbell Award (yay)
  • Fantastic workshop by Anne Gracie & Mary Jo Putney - nuggets of great info
  • All workshops and panels attended:
  1. Bronwyn Parry and Bernedette Foley with publisher/author relationship;
  2. Worldbuilding with Rowena Cory Daniells;
  3. Blogs & Blogging;
  4. Spotlight on The Knight Agency,
  5. Trish Morey's Great Beginnings, Big Bang Endings & High Stakes in Between;
  6. Paranormal chat
I had to miss a couple of sessions due to my pitches, but between nerves and then joy at requested material, I think that is a-okay to do (*wink*). So it will be busy here for abit. The short, snappy posts may have to continue. I shall see.

Here's a snapshot taken by Monique Wood (thanks Mon) of us at the Arabian Nights Cocktail Party. More photos to follow in time....

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