Thursday, 16 July 2009

What a week - & it's not over yet

I have had one of those weeks where you have hardly time to think, let alone write. Study, writer's meeting, spending time with Master 5 & family have all taken time.

Today, I went with Master 5, Mister almost-1 and their Mama to the South Australian Museum. The attention span of a 5 year old is different, as what it is they are interested in. Bones yes, stuffed animals yes, sea creatures yes, sparkly minerals yes, but anything cultural, not really. I'm really pleased that he was interested as much as he was. They have some online galleries here.

After lunch, we went down the Mall (aka Rundle Mall). As a kid they never had all the stalls for the school holidays. The Clowns, Castles & Carousels school program - there was probably more, but we saw a face painter, a colouring in competition, boat carousel - all for free. Very good idea to keep the kids entertained. We stopped and listen to teenagers busking (another great thing I love about Rundle Mall, the buskers), and Master 5 was intrigued by them singing and playing instruments. He stopped for about 2 songs worth - woohoo!

It was a lovely day. Abit fresh but sunny. Luckily this was the day we chose as it has been raining in Adelaide this past week.

So pretty busy week - but I still want to do some more study, and do some editing. The conference is 4 weeks away, so I need to finish off my final edits, as well as ready my pitch. Gulp!!

But I think I'm due for a nap....

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