Saturday, 20 June 2009

Eeek! and Jericho

I've had a really bad week with writing this week. Other things taking priority but the return of my shoulder/arm pain. So I'm doing short bursts at the computer. 

I've just finished watching Season 2 of Jericho. What I really hate about living out of the US is that we really don't get a say in how a TV show will do rating wise. Apparently, this was axed after Season One but because of a fantastic run of fan support sending nuts to CBS  in protest (yep, that's right, nuts - it's a reference to the final episode of season one).  Alas apparently the ratings didn't pick up and the show was officially cancelled. I watched both endings they had on the DVD. And am saddened there will not be a season 3. It would have been a kick arse season.

Actually thinking on the TV situation, the odd times certain shows get on TV, you wonder how they would ever get ratings. It's a real bummer when you get into a TV show, only to have it ripped out from you. And now with more and more people watching shows over the internet, you have to wonder if the networks have their ratings systems keeping up with technology.


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