Monday, 15 June 2009

Challenge Update

I am really pleased that a push yesterday got me over the halfway mark in my goal - woohoo!

I think it was due to watching a hunky Wolverine *wink* and a real good movie of escapism. 

So my total is:

meaning that I wrote 7 800 words for week two. Gotta be happy with that, as well that so far these words have been three flash fictions, and finishing a skeleton draft of a short novella. Now to pick up on one of my other drafts, but after a day of working in front of the computer for other reasons (and no, not surfing, thank you very much), I am absolutely bushed. I think I'll take a break and see how I go later.

To my fellow 50Ks in 30 Days participants, congrats on your achievements and happy writing!


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