Friday, 1 May 2009

My cute card

The card my family got me for my birthday was cute. It's by Mirropix.

So cute....

Not much to report this week - a little bit of editing, abit of mucking around on websites for SARA and Bootcampers 101. But nothing too strenuous  - my body is still recovering from the fall. Blah!

Did better this month for the Harlequin monthly reading challenge, so at least I got some reading done, but I've realised how much less I read compared to when I was at uni and just after. But I still read a variety of genres. The challenges are helping me clear out some books on my TBR pile - but it's really not making a dent since there are new ones to add. *sigh* I see someone's name I know on the shelf and it's 'yep, I'll take thank you very much'. 

I'm at 26 'books' read (book has to be around 50K words, so lesser amounts are added together to create one 'book' - eg graphic novels, childrens, novellas).


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