Tuesday, 19 May 2009


I've been playing around with a background for the blog - well without having to change so much of the formatting. And the website The Cutest Blog on the Block is where I found my new background skin. Maybe one day, I'll work out how to do my own, but for now, this brightens it up but still keeps my black background.

I have made some changes to the website. I hope the colours are better for the eyes. Too much pink, so have compensated for that. Any suggestions or comments of how it's looking now, is most welcome. Another thing I had to do was change my contact form to include people having to type in the code word as I was getting all sorts of weird spam emails (which I didn't think could be done with the form, but there you have it, learn something new everyday). Hopefully the weirdness will stop!

Also I've added a rock/blues playlist to my website.

I've added here also :) 

Get a playlist! Standalone player

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