Monday, 27 April 2009

Birthday week, injuries, and blogs

It has been a busy week for me on the personal front. Master 5 had a Hungry Jacks birthday party for his school friends on Tuesday (OMG the happy screaming). It was my birthday on Wednesday in which Master 5 and family bestowed me with flowers and a birthday cake with candles too. (So cute) I had a physio appointment on Thursday and had a much needed nap. And Friday was helping out with Master 5's home party for Saturday. 

If I was to tell you that there was a Daytona racing game, a pinball machine and karaoke machine - would you think it was for a 5th Birthday party?  Well yep it was and the kids had a ball. It was all a hit. There was meant to be a jumping castle but with all the rain we had on the weekend, that had to be cancelled. Kids didn't seem to mind especially Master 5. 

Unfortunately, as I was video-taping those singing  karaoke I fell on my bung knee and I think I jerked my whole body, because I'm hurting on my right side from my shoulder to my foot. So took the day off yesterday and just slept and watched DVDs. I'm still recovering (ie feeling very crabby), but at least I'm typing something even though it feels like it's in slow motion.

On the writing front, there is not much to report, other than my blog has made it to the runner-up list (at number 96!) of Jonathan Crossfield's Top 50 Australian writing blogs. Click the icon below to see the full list including the Bootcampers 101 blog at number 114 (as well as many of my writing buddies).  Yay for all of us.


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