Sunday, 29 March 2009

Not a morning person....

Yes, I love these dog pictures. They are so cute. And this so embodies me  in the mornings. 

Well it can embody me at other times too. You see I don't write too much about my personal life here. It's meant to be a fun blog and it's about my writing. Still, I can share this - I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - my goodness, that was easier to write than I thought. Those who are nearest and dearest know about this already.  

I've had it for years but was really affected by it three years ago and had to stop working. That was a real tough. Hence, my flash visits in cyberspace. Hence why you will find me at the computer at all odd hours as I do things in my time and with how I'm feeling for that particular day.

Now I can 'own it'. It's part of my life but it's not the only part of my life. Writing has really helped me a great deal. I work hard at it - just not in the same way as everyone else does or can. My routines suits me and I keep plugging away at it. And blogging has helped me too, believe it or not. It has helped me focus on my writing career. And that is what I am proud to call myself - a writer. I no longer think of myself as a librarian. I'm still qualified yes, but since I have been out of that environment for 3 years, it's time to say what I am - a WRITER - and damn happy to be  one.

So if my posts are not regular, you now know why. Thank goodness for the  internet - it has been my lifeline to connect with other writers (as well as the usual keeping in contact with family and friends).


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