Thursday, 26 March 2009

Battlestar Galactica - the end.... *spoilers*

*spoiler alert *

What a ride this show has given it's viewers. The destruction of the 12 colonies, Cylons that look human, a female Starbuck, Baltar surviving the nuclear attack (still wondering how he managed that), Adama being shot by Boomer/Sharon who was a secret Cylon, Helo with Sharon 2 (later named Athena), the half human-half Cylon child, Hera. The jump of a year, the Cylon occupation of New Caprica, the kick-butt rescue, Starbuck's death, reveal of 4 of the final 5 Cylons, Starbuck's return......

And this final season. Wow, has it been more entwined, less one-off shows, and I for one loved it (I loved it all but loved seeing the complexities and relationships playing off at the same time). Starbuck being called the Harbinger of Death by the Cylon Hybrid, Lee becoming president when Roslin is taken, the reveal of the 4 Cylons, making a pact with 
the rebel Cylons, finding Earth & finding it a nuclear wasteland, Starbuck finding her body, Dee's suicide,  Ellen being the final cylon, the mutiny.....

Well you can see this show had alot for viewers to think over, process, and enjoy. A hell of a lot. Characters were flawed, not always taking the best course of action, not always learning from the past - Baltar - but it fraking worked big time.

The finale - well i have seen some comments on the forums and there are some who are being very
 vocal about their disappointment in the last 30 minutes of the 2 hour finale. Yes the first 90 minutes was action packed. The attack on the colony to retrieve Hera - some really incredible  FX there, the final 5 linking, Tory being killed by Tyrol for revenge over Cally's murder, Cavil realising it was all over and shooting himself, the accidental nuking of the colony, Kara using the music her father taught her to work out co-ordinates for the emergency jump.

....and then it wrapped up with them finding 'our' earth 150 000 years into our past. I have no problem with this, nor the fleet going 'native'. Hell, they have been running for their lives for how many years and finally can breathe fresh air again. Wouldn't you want a break? Maybe not, but these characters did and it was plausible in its context. Technology had run amok, so it was time to break the cycle. 

So the fleet all broke up and spread across the planet. And boy was I shedding a tear watching them go. And one by one, we said goodbye. Anders steering the fleet of ships into the sun, Adama and Roslin watching the wildlife from a raptor, when she dies. Yes, tissue moments indeed. As was the mountain scene with Adama and Roslin's grave. Kara saying to Lee she was leaving and not coming back, that she'd filled her role. Lee saying he was going to explore to turn around to find Kara had disappeared. Baltar and Caprica Six setting out to farm (ironic for Baltar who had left his farming family behind for bigger adventures), Head Baltar and Head Six telling them getting Hera to earth had been the plan all along. And Hera ending up being Mitochondrial Eve.

And so fast forward 150 000 years for Head Baltar and Head Six talking that excess and technology and the greed of people of the past may be repeated. But with Six being hopeful that mathematically, the cycle can be broken. 

I had no problems with any of that except for the resolution of Lee and Kara's relationship. After all they had been through together and apart, I did want some sort of joint ending. Yes that is the romance writer in me coming out, but alot was invested in that relationship and it just feels unfinished. Kara being 'something else' does make sense since she found her body on the Cylon Earth, but I just couldn't shake the feeling from the mini-series, that these two were meant to end together. And the goodbye was just *poof*, she was gone. No tender moment. So sad.


(see what I mean)

Also what was sad was the isolation of Tyrol, Adama & Lee. Maybe they deserved to have a break from all those people, but I find it hard to see Adama and Lee as father and son, not seeing each other again.  Really I'm just sad to see them go... sniff, sniff.

Still they may even do - BSG: Earth Beginnings or something and show their journey years down the track. One can only hope. :))

There is still the movie The Plan coming out which is from the Cylon POV, and I think that may answer a couple of the questions that I still have lingering from the Cylon front.

Then again, I may just need to watch the series again and again :)) 
Not a chore at all.  In fact, a damn right pleasure. Thanks Ron Moore and co. for such a wonderful series. Fraking awesome!


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