Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Over stuffed...

Reminds me of my study...... hee hee.
No seriously, sometimes this is life. Trying to stuff so much into one day and getting distracted by a myriad of things. In the last week, I've realised how much time I spend on 'other' things - eg reading blogs about writing or by authors, or other blogs that interest me, as well as newsletters etc. I find it interesting but it is a time sucker. 

The reason why I realised it is that I haven't done much of this type of activity this week. I have been editing using my EeePC and haven't been so distracted by other things on the internet. So I think I need to make sure I get work done before I read blogs. Or limit my time. That way I get to what I want to do to move forward - editing & writing!

Maybe having a sore back was a wake up call.

Do you feel like the guy in the picture sometimes?
How do you balance your time?

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