Friday, 5 December 2008

Library Thing

I'm a librarian by trade and while I tried Shelfari (which does have it's good points) I decided to return to Library Thing. It is free up to a certain number of books and then you have to pay a fee. But with the Lifetime Member Fee being USD $25, it's not so bad. I've just worked out how to make different widgets, which is something I wanted to do. 

On the sidebar (those that get feeds, you'll have to go to the site to look), I have two widgets at the moment - one for Random Books from My Library, and Books currently reading. It's cool. And I don't need to keep up my own spreadsheet anymore as I can just catalogue on Library Thing. I add all books I've read this year - have alot more in the backlog of what I actually physically HAVE in my library and what I have borrowed from books. They have tags (keywords) and it's so cool - you can create your own. So I've got a tag 'My copy' and if I click that, it will show me what books are in my collection. My collection is here

Yes, I'm a book nerd and I freely admit it. 


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