Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Celebrations...and other stuff

Well, the Bootcampers are officially ONE year old!! WooHoo! 

Happy Birthday girls!

So happy days, (though I've been busy with family stuff the last few weeks and that's been draining).
Still a year ago, we embarked on the Bootcamper 101 course and we are still  here! It's pretty cool.

It's the beginning of November and that means it's NaNoWriMo time - that's National Novel Writing Month.  Good luck to all those participating. I'm cheering on writing buddies from the sidelines. Go! Go! Go!

And the world waits to see the results of the US Presidential election.  It's been interesting watching the events unfold as an outsider, but if I was a US citizen, I'd be voting. Here in Oz we HAVE to vote. Even if we didn't, voting would be a no-brainer as I just think of all the people around the world who would love to vote but aren't allowed.

And I've just watched the first two webisodes of Gemini Division, staring Rosario Dawson on SciFi Channel's website. It's really a different way to tell a story and so far I'm enjoying it and will tune in for more.  And it just confirms what a remarkable actress Rosario is. Interesting behind-the-scenes stuff too.

My main writing goal for the month is to edit HD for the Emerald competition. This is due at the end of November, so my bum is going to be firmly planted in this seat!! LOL! Going slowly but steadily.

I've also made the decision from December (ie after the comp has been entered), my monthly BIAW challenge will be my second WIP, Lady and the Dragon. It will help me move along and get another of my stories to the end of first draft stage. In the non-BIAW weeks, I'll be working on getting my work out there.... scary!!!


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