Tuesday, 2 September 2008

What's in store for September?

Well I feel better, though I feel battle fatigued from this flu. So I'm hoping that this month things will take a turn for the better for my writing. So what do I plan to do?

I do have a tendency at rushing ahead when feeling better. I don't want this dastardly flu back again so I'm going to tread slowly.... ever so slowly. That said, this is what would be nice to get done by the end of September:
  • Get a Mac and hook up to cable internet connection.
  • Enter a couple of contests - RWA's Single (Tittle) and Loving it! and RWNZ Strictly Single Contest.
  • Sort out my study - the piles and piles of things flung into every corner of it. It's bursting at the seams!
  • Tackle more of my TBR pile
  • And set some goals for my writing.
Piece of cake? Well we'll see about that.

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